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     An effective advertising photo session should not only show the physical
characteristics of the product, it should also show the personality of the commercial entity. It is the photographer's job to tell the viewer exactly what the subject behind the collection of physical traits is like. By including props, using the proper lighting, capturing the right pose and expression, and inciting the correct response to the camera, the photographer helps to bring the personality of the subject into focus.

   The actual advertising photo session should be a collaborative effort between the photographer and the art director, with each bringing to the session a preconceived notion of what the eventual commercial outcome will look like. For the subject, the aim is to put his best face forward, so that the audience can see them as they want to be seen. Some photographers may be content to go along with this, simply lighting the subject in the most flattering manner and snapping a pleasing expression and pose. But a photographer who is interested in the actual art of advertising will go beyond this and participate in the session with interest equal to that of the subject.

    Two new york photographers can use the same equipment and work with the same subjects, but the resulting advertising s will be entirely different because of the elements of style that the individual photographer has brought to that session. For the photographer, these elements include thought, a strong concept, and the ability to be flexible and accept chance occurrences.

    Take the time to research your subject. If conditions allow, try to get to know the subject as a person. After all, if you have taken an interest in advertising, it should follow that you like people, or at least find them interesting. A preadvertising interview need not take a lot of time-often you won't have that luxury, and you must try to clue yourself in on the key elements of the personality in five or ten minutes. But this is usually all the time you need to pick up the subject's basic traits. This time spent before you start setting up, or even while you're setting up, will not only serve to introduce you to the subject, but will also help the person being photographed to relax. advertising photography is like telling a story. You must present the viewer with pertinent facts about the product. Include enough information so that your portrayal is as complete and honest as possible.

    The photographic advertising that you produce will then be well-planned and well-executed documents of your subjects, successful because of their content and not your technical skills. The more information given by the new york photographer about the subject, the greater the possibility of an insightful advertising photography session.



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