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New York Photography


Your style is the look you give to your photographs, your signature. As you develop as an expressive artist, your personal style will emerge. Your style and technique is what your clients will buy; it is what will make your images different from the next person's. I can't tell you how to develop your own distinctive quality, but I can express to you some personal considerations.

For modern New York photography some type of artistic sensibility is required. The mere use of gimmicks, such as muted color, grainy film, and light flaring, will not create an artistic work or reflect well on this great city. You must first learn to apply the basic concepts of art; then if certain equipment or materials are helpful, use them as an aid in immersing yourself into the new york essence. It is your intellect, not your equipment, that ultimately creates art. A photograph is judged in terms of its lighting, composition, and intellectual content. The intellectual content is the social message of the photograph. The photography of new york does more than state the city's physical features and possibly its history. It defines the city's character and indicates that landmark's relationship to society. You must objectively show the viewer the kind of city New York is. To do this, you must examine yourself as well as the city.

My own work emphasizes a sharp, clear image with the frame packed with as much information as possible. I'm always careful to design the contents of the frame so that they have a stated meaning and don't appear as random offerings. To develop one's own methods and style requires investigation and experimentation. Try different techniques until you are satisfied with a basic formula. Once you devise a basic formula, stay with it, develop it, arid expand on it. There is plenty of photography about new york but few images are worthy of the greatness that this city provides.




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