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   The effective commercial photograph will tell a story about the product or brand. The environment, the clothing and props, the pose and expression, the lighting and framing all contribute to that story. To be effective, however, all the facts have to be true. False facts around the product will contradict the brand's presence and make the commercial photograph disjointed and unintelligible. When the viewer looks at the photograph of the product or brand, it should be a realistic depiction of the product or brand and not the photographer's biased opinion. Showing as much information as possible makes the viewer's job easier.

   If you are truly honest and observant, however, you can photograph more abstractly and still convey who your product or brand is, especially in the New York market. The eyes and hands are often the most telling parts of most people's personality and can be enough to illustrate the personality of the celebrity. The photographer tries to document, not alter, the facts. The viewer responds not only to the document but also to the emotional content of what the product or brand wishes to present. The product or brand may wish to be portrayed as a happy, smiling, upbeat person or as mean, melancholy, and somber. The commercial photographer recognizes these offerings,and tries to put them into a frame of reference. An upbeat person would look incongruous in a melancholy environment. The commercial photographer directs the visual elements of an advertising campaign that convey the thematic concept, and these elements allow the viewer to decipher the product or brand. The emotional content of what the product or brand conveys influences the viewer's response to the commercial photograph.

   While an effective commercial photograph will, as its primary purpose, display at least some aspect of the product's or company's personality, there are some areas of professional New York photography that involve additional considerations. One consideration might be the ultimate use for which the commercial photograph is intended; another consideration might be the specific techniques that are required to display particular subjects to their best advantage. When a new york commercial photograph is used for an advertising campaign, the subject usually serves as the personification of the concept that the advertisers want to present to the public. Many times, this concept may be very far from a true reflection of the model's real-life persona. But this does not mean that the subject should be presented as a lifeless mannequin. Some sparkle and personality has to come through, or the resulting photograph will hold little interest for the viewer. The photographer's aim in such cases is to achieve a balance between the client's needs and the model's ability to project a specific commercial image.


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