Pricing Structure:

Tom Hawkins Photography provides the best value in Vancouver for professional photo sessions. The quality delivered compared to the price paid is unparallel in western Canada. The source of this wonderful opportunity is Tom Hawkins' personal painful addiction to taking beautiful photographs. If Tom Hawkins is not shooting photos he feels empty inside.

This benefits the client in two ways:

1. Tom Hawkins has photographed hundreds and hundreds of people, each photo session gaining experience and become more expert at finding the best light for an individuals' facial structure. This has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of how to make people look their absolute best in a photo.

2. Tom Hawkins completes large scale commercial photo shoots for many excellent clients. In between these larger shoots Tom Hawkins still enjoys shooting magazine quality photos on a smaller scale for the average client. This enables the many great citizens of Vancouver to enjoy the excellent photographic services at Tom Hawkins Photography for a very reasonable price.The pricing structure for smaller Photo shoots is Broken down into 4 Parts (3 of which are optional)

1. Session Cost
2. Make up / Hair (optional)
3. Stylist (optional)
4. Extra printing and retouching (optional)


1. Session: A session is a series of photographs taken at a given time. A session can contain different "looks" changes of clothes and backgrounds (outdoor/ indoor) or can be a simple session as well . The main point is that the photo session is taken all at one time on one day.

Q: What is a look?

A: look is basically a change of clothes, or change of clothes and background / setting. (In fashion type shoots it will also be a change of make up and hair style) For instance in a 2 look shoot: One look could be studio pure white vibrant look, the other look could be outdoor natural look. Also different looks can be indoor or outdoor. Also the looks can be all studio or all outdoor.

Q: How many photos are taken in given a look?

A: About 35-40 photos are taken per look. Different poses and angles are taken to try to archive the perfect photo for that certain look.But I only need 1 photo, is it possible to take just one?
It is best to take multiple photos to achieve the perfect angle, lighting and perfect expression. In most cases it is best to take a series of shots when trying to create even just one photo.

Q: I need a close up and full length can this be done in one look?

A:Yes it can. In any given look many different angles and focal lengths can be used if necessary. It is best to let Tom Hawkins know before hand what you are hoping to achieve.

2. Make up / Hair (if needed)

Professional make up and hair are offered and must be requested at the time of ordering the photo shoot. In most cases the make up artist will complete make up and simple hair. The make up artist change on a per look basis. In some cases clients like to use the one look of make up over multiple looks of photos . In other cases it is best to change the make up look with each change of photo look.

3. Stylist (if needed)

A clothing stylist will:

• measure your size,
• go out and shop for clothes (and buy them),
• Style and fit during the shoot
• Return the clothing to the store

As you can see the stylist puts in a fair amount of time and travel for the photo shoot , as a result they justifiable have to charge accordingly. It's best to call in and discuss what styles you are in need of and how many In smaller shoots sometimes it is favorable to just buy new clothes or select clothes for yourself. If you are in dire need of new wardrobe but don't know where to turn, Tom Hawkins can put you in touch with stylist to simply assist you in shopping.


4. Retouching / Printing

All images that leave the hands of Tom Hawkins photography are retouched to perfection. retouching and printing go hand in hand so any file to be printed is retouched.

Q: Ok I will order 5 prints but what if down the road I would like to order more and different images.

A: The RAW images are kept in archive for a very long time , so the client will have the opportunity to print more

Q: I don't need the files retouched. can I just get a disc like the non-professional (jonny college student) photographer gave me?

A: you will get a disc of he high resolution files in the end, but only of the retouched files that the client chooses to be retouched. The un retouched files are kept in archive for a very long time.

Any files that leave Tom Hawkins Studios must be retouched by a professional retoucher with a minimum of 8 years professional retouching experience. This is how Tom Hawkins keeps his excellent reputation as a photographer who delivers top notch photographs.

Q: But I have photoshop on my home computer can't I just retouch the files myself?

A: It's best to leave it to a trained professional. The difference between professional retouching and non professional is staggering.

Q: I am a large media company or art director, I absolutely need the RAW files for archival purposes. Can you provide them to me?

A: If your company has a work force of more than 10 people and access to top rated photo retouchers then a RAW buy out situation can be initiated.

Anatomy of a Personal photo shoot.

This information pertains to a Personal photo shoot (non commercial or editorial)

1.Intial contact: This is where the client makes verbal contact with Tom Hawkins Photography to discus the needs of the client and the desired outcome of the shoot. This can be accomplished with a quick phone call or initial consultation. For smaller photo shoots a phone call will suffice. (No Photo shoot can be finalized via email, so might as well call in anyway)

2. Shoot the session: Achieve world class photos during the session. Make up and styling if needed will also be completed at this stage. The session can be shot either indoor or outdoor.

3. Preview and selection process: The client will be provided with the photo previews via email, disc or both. (in the end the client receives a preview disc even if the initial previews are reviewed over the internet)

4. Retouching Stage: once the photos are selected the rigorous retouching stage is initiated.

5. Completion and delivery. The client receives the final photos and 2 discs (preview disc and master print file disc)


Common Time frames for Photo Shoots:

Booking: It is best to book about 2 weeks in advance if possible. Booking availability varies on the season and luck so the further advanced the booking the more flexibility on booking times. Sometimes very fast booking are available. for fast booking phone calls instead of emails are certainly beneficial.

Shooting: The actually photo shooting depends on the size of the photo shoot and can range from 1 hour to a full day.

Viewing Previews: The previews are usually made available for viewing within 2 days of the photo shoot.

Retouching and Delivery: It is best to allow about 4 days for retouching and printing. This is also dependent on how many prints are ordered. Yes photos can be rushed but perfection takes time.








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